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Window Or Fire Escape Gates

Do You Need a Window or Fire Escape Gate?

In 1903, over 600 people died in Chicago when the Iroquois Theater caught fire. The gathered crowd could not leave the building because iron gates blocked their exit. Older homes with window gates have a similar problem: they keep people from breaking into a home, but they also prevent an escape during an emergency situation when needed.

You should safeguard your home if you have a first floor window or a fire escape with a gate. There are several fire department approved options on the market today, including the “ferry” gate that is operated by a latch instead of a combination lock or a padlock. Yet a window or fire escape gate is only as good as its installation.

We supply and install window and fire escape gates that are approved and meet building codes. Do not accept a substitute product for your security.

Window Or Fire Escape Gate


The Different Types of Window or Fire Escape Gates

The most common gate you’ll find on fire escapes today is called a PAG. This is a four-piece retractable gate that, when extended, has a diamond mesh with a criss-cross shape that has spacing of 1 inch or less between the diamond points. It slides open and shut on a metal track.

Locked wrought iron bars are another option as long as they are attached to a hinge and are not padlocked shut. In virtually every community, it is illegal to use a combination or keyed lock for a window or fire escape gate simply because you may not remember the combination or be able to find a key should a fire occur.

You can also opt for a new way to protect yourself: security tape, wireless alarms, and motion detectors that activate when a window is opened or fire escape is accessed without authorization. These alarms are connected to a hotline which then alerts local law enforcement to the unauthorized access.

Any security system is only as good as its placement, its effectiveness, and its ability to allow you to get through the protection should an emergency arise. That’s why a professionally installed window or fire escape gate by licensed and bonded experts will always be your best solution.

If you are thinking about the installation of a window or fire escape gate, then contact us today. We at locksmith-NYC will come and take the required measurements and provide you with a free estimate for a completely customized installation. If agreed upon, then after the gate is created, we will come back for the installation process.