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Mailbox Locks

You ought to protect your mailbox. You may not be expecting any precious or crucial mails that can be of interest. Yet, you should have your mailbox protected. You shouldn’t offer anyone any chance to infringe on your privacy. Even if your mails are not valuable and even if you don’t receive many mails, you must have adequate and good quality mailbox locks.

There are various types of mailbox locks that you can consider. Before you can pick one, you need to factor in the type of mailbox you have.

Mailbox Locks

Types of Mailbox Locks

There are usually two types of mailboxes. One is the typical wall mounted mailbox which is integrated into a gate or the wall of a house, garage or any such permanent structure. With such mailboxes, it is not necessary to open the mailbox from the outside. Mails can simply be slid in and the owner can access the mails inside. The other is the curbside mailbox which needs to be locked.

Depending on the type of mailbox, you could opt for a five-cam lock. Such a mailbox lock typically has a five-pin tumbler and there are removable cams. You could choose pin tumblers and wafer locks and the exact choice may be subject to what you can rest assured with. You may also opt for digital locks that require passwords or passkeys instead of an analog key.

Changing Mailbox Locks

If your mailbox lock is damaged or is malfunctioning, you should change it. If there are signs of tampering or someone had tried to break the locks, then you should have it changed. If you have been losing mails or if there is anything suspicious, then you should replace mailbox locks. It is also possible that you have shared the keys to your mailbox lock with someone to get your mails when you are away. It may be wise to replace mailbox locks or to rekey the lock once you get back. You don’t want anyone unauthorized to have access to the keys and can thus open mail box lock whenever they want.

We specialize in all types of mailbox locks. Whether you live in an apartment or a standalone house, whether you have a small mail box among a cluster of mailboxes or a standalone mailbox, whether it is just a small one for paper mails or a large one to receive substantially sized objects; we can offer you a plethora of choices.

We supply, install, service, repair and replace mailbox locks in East Village area.