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What Is High Security Lock?

Whether it is a home or office, any property or premise in New York City should have high security lock. Any manufacturer or locksmith can claim to be a specialist in high [...]

Rekey Cylinders and Locks

There are times when you would need to rekey locks at your home or office. As one of the most trusted locksmiths in New York City, we always recommend rekeying instead of [...]


Is your safe failsafe? A safe is supposed to the most secured installation in a property. It is expected to protect some valuables and thus the safe should be failsafe. What [...]

Types of Garage Door

A garage door is an integral fixture of your home. It caters to an extremely important function of protecting your car. It also has a bearing on the security of your home or [...]

Panic Bars

Today, panic bars or crash cars are an imperative requirement according to the building codes in New York City. Every commercial building or enclosed public space has panic [...]

Window Or Fire Escape Gates

Do You Need a Window or Fire Escape Gate? In 1903, over 600 people died in Chicago when the Iroquois Theater caught fire. The gathered crowd could not leave the building [...]

Mailbox Locks

You ought to protect your mailbox. You may not be expecting any precious or crucial mails that can be of interest. Yet, you should have your mailbox protected. You [...]

Transponder Keys

If you drive a car that has been manufactured after 1995, then you would have a transponder key. Cars built till 1995 don’t have transponder keys, unless those cars have [...]