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Bike Lockout – Bike locksmith

There are different reasons why you will experience a bike lockout, yet the top two reasons are lost keys or a broken bike lock. Regardless of the cause, you will surely need reliable locally operated and owned locksmiths to help you overcome this problem.

Fortunately, you can call us Anytime Locksmith East Village for your bike lockout concerns in New York. We have licensed and bonded Bike Locksmiths who work 24 hours, 7 days a week to cater to all sorts of locksmithing needs in NYC.

Do not panic when you face this problem, instead, call us anytime.

Mobile Bicycle Lock Out Service

Types Of Bike Locks

When it comes to securing your road or mountain bikes, you need to choose the right bike lock for you. Consequently, you also need to know the different types of bike locks available in the market.

By understanding these locks, it means you know the pros and cons of each type. Below are the six common types of locks used to secure bicycles.

  • D Locks

It is also known as U-locks because of its U-shape appearance. These locks were made in the 1970s and usually made with a Sold Secure rating (Silver or Gold).

When you are living in a highly urbanized area where bolt cutters are everywhere, then this bike lock serves best. Besides that, it is highly resistant to drilling and lock picking. Moreover, D-locks are surprisingly cheaper than its Sold Secure chain lock counterparts.

  • Chain Locks

The firm and solid appearance of chain locks provide a visual theft deterrence for bike thieves in your area. Technically, this bike lock has sufficient strength to withstand drilling and other forceful means of destroying your lock.

The majority of bike chain locks have a Sold Secure rating which guarantees its durability and locking mechanism.

  • Cable Locks

These bike locks are never suitable as your main lock, rather as a secondary one. Similar to chain locks, cable locks are also flexible to be wrapped around your bike frame.

If you want a lightweight and affordable lock for your bicycle, then this would be fine. Also, most of its locks are actuated with a passcode rather than a key.

  • Folding Locks

It works the same way with chain locks yet its flexibility depends on the number of joints present in your folding lock. In contrast to cable locks, this one is sold with a Sold Secure rating, so it can ensure your bicycle will be tightly locked in place.

Meanwhile, the main setback of this lock will be its scarce supply in the market.

  • Ground Anchor

These locks provide superb security for your bicycles and all have a Sold Secure rating (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). You typically install ground anchors in stationary places that permit bike parking, thus, you can see this in your garage or bike parking spaces.

Meanwhile, the challenging part of the ground anchor will be installing it in your desired place. You need to have DIY technical skills to effectively install it, otherwise, hiring experienced and reliable locksmiths is your best alternative.

  • Combination Locks

If you are never confident of handling keys, then buying a combination lock for your bicycle is a wise choice. With that, you have a lesser chance of facing a bike lockout due to lost keys.

Moreover, to ensure a higher security level, it is best to choose those combi locks which use four to five digits for your passcode.

24 Hour Emergency Bicycle Lock Out Service

At Anytime Locksmith East Village, you will never wait for long hours for our mobile team to arrive and resolve your bike lockout problems. Our quick response around the clock is highly consistent, to make sure your locksmith concerns are promptly addressed.

Meanwhile, All locksmith work GUARANTEED since our crew has extensive experience and rigid training for all sorts of bike lock repair, rekeying, and installation.

We are one of the best 24-hour emergency locksmith service providers in New York. No matter what time you will call, we do immediate response on all bike lock and key issues.

How to Choose the Right Bike Lock

Choosing an excellent bike lock for you is a daunting task because you have variables to consider which include your location, bike model, price, security rating, and duration of how long you are leaving your bike in place.

In line, the most popular and reliable choice for most bikers are the D-locks, then followed by chain locks. However, if you are having a hard time picking a good bike lock, then you can contact us anytime.

Full locksmith services

All of our locksmiths are duly licensed, trained, and bonded to perform all kinds of lock and key services which include the following:

  • Residential locksmith services

:Essential for ensuring all door locks and keyless smart locks in your home are working properly.

  • Commercial locksmith services

: We are flexible to take on various office locks and security systems that protect your building and shops from burglars and break-ins.

  • Auto locksmith services

: We handle car lockouts and other lock and key issues with your car and motorcycle.

  • Bike locksmith services

: We unlock, repair, rekey, and install quality bike locks for the locals anytime.

Further, All Service Are Being Performed At The Customer’s Location on around a clock basis.

Call us anytime and we guarantee 15 minutes response time for all circumstances.

24 Hour Emergency Bicycle Lock Out Service

Bike lockouts are always inevitable and unpredictable, especially when you are pretty busy and your locks aren’t that good. Regardless of the conditions, we always remind you to wisely select your bicycle lock, that meets your security needs and budget.

Further, always go for quality rather than a cheap price, so you can avoid bike lock problems. In line, we always give the best price guarantee for bike lockouts and other locksmith needs.

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