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Marshal Eviction Service

It is a challenging situation for all landlords to secure their places once more after successfully evicting their tenants from a Marshall Eviction Service. However, when you have a reliable locksmith by your side, then it becomes convenient and seamless.

Fortunately, Anytime Locksmith East Village is here to help you out with this matter, and for all security issues of your office or apartment. We have extensive experience in handling residential and commercial locksmith needs in New York.

We offer immediate response all the time for all your lock and key problems in the area. Just make a short call and we will be there in 15 to 25 minutes.

What is Marshal eviction Service?

It is a legal process of letting your tenants move out of their rented space or room due to unlawful acts or long-term overdue rental payments. You as the landlord must first file a petition for removal in New York City Court to legally request the removal of the tenant from your building.

In line, our licensed and bonded technicians can assist you with this process, especially for changing the locks or rekeying it to secure your property again. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week in all matters of locksmith needs of the locals.

For you to avail of our services, make a short call anytime.


What Happens During a Sheriff or Marshall Eviction?

Before an eviction happens, you as the landlord must file a petition for removal that requests a court hearing between you and the tenant. Once the court favors your side, the City Marshalls or Sheriff will be the one to secure a Warrant of Eviction from the court.

Then, the City Marshall must personally hand a Notice of Eviction to the tenant at their place, or to any individual of legal age at the premises. If no one’s there, then the notice must be posted in a visible area (usually the door) for the tenant.

After, within the day, the Marshall must mail the notice to the tenant to ensure that they have done other means to inform the latter of the Notice of Eviction. With that, there’s an additional two days to wait after the mail date before executing the Warrant of Eviction.

Meanwhile, we as one of your locally operated and owned locksmiths in New York will help you secure your building or apartment again, after the eviction process. We offer 15 minutes response time always on all occasions, including Marshal Eviction Service.

Are Landlords Required to Change Locks or Have them Re-Keyed after an Eviction?

Whether it’s an eviction or legal possession, after the process, you have the legal rights of securing your property again, and the City Marshall knows that. With that, we are your trusted partner for rekeying or changing the locks of your premises.

All locksmith work guaranteed at Anytime Locksmith East Village, since we have top-notch technicians and high-quality supplies. Likewise, we offer quick response around the clock for all matters of locksmith requirements of the locals.

24-hour Emergency Locksmith in New York

Problems with your locks and keys can occur at any time of the day, so we are offering affordable 24-hour emergency service in New York. Our highly trained technicians will effectively ease your needs for Marshal Eviction Service.

Besides that, we offer other security needs such as lock repairs, re-keying, Master key system, high-security locks, lockouts, and more. Our mobile shop is equipped with proper tools and supplies, so all services are being performed at the customer’s location.

Reliable Technicians for All-Around Security Needs

At Anytime Locksmith East Village, all of our locksmiths are duly licensed, trained, and bonded for your security needs such as Marshal Eviction Services. Our services cover residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services.

For our residential locksmith services, we offer a wide range of security solutions that enhance the door locks and other security features installed in your house. Meanwhile, we offer commercial locksmith services for the business people in New York.

With that, you have a convenient and professional means of fixing or installing new door locks and access controls.

Affordable Rates All The Time

No matter how intricate or simple your lock concerns, we offer the best price guarantee always. With us, you are confident of availing an affordable locksmith price range that fits any budget.

Further, our experienced and reliable locksmiths have always gone beyond the expectations of the locals when it comes to fixing or enhancing the current security of your residence and office.

Need Professional Assistance

When you need a professional locksmith near you, we at Anytime Locksmith East Village is your best choice. We offer accurate works at the best price offer, which includes assistance with your Marshall Eviction Service.