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Panic Bars

Today, panic bars or crash cars are an imperative requirement according to the building codes in New York City. Every commercial building or enclosed public space has panic bar. Workplaces or retail stores also need to have panic bars. Any property that would clock a substantial traffic and could require immediate evacuation or emergency exits should have panic bar.

What are Panic Bars?

Also known as crash bars, push bars or panic device. They are the horizontal bars or planks that you find on doors marking fire and emergency exists. The bar is usually metallic and stands horizontally, typically splitting the door in two halves, not literally of course. These bars ensure that the doors can be opened quickly from inside without any possibility of creating a scenario where people gather and crowd at the door without being able to exit, thus causing a stampede like scenario.

Panic bars were first installed in England in late 1800s a following fire incident when almost two hundred kids died. Several such incidents are recorded in history where the lack of an optimum exit or locked doors has resulted in massive casualties. To prevent such accidents, New York City makes it imperative to have panic bar on all doors leading to exits.

Panic Bars

Where are Panic Bars Necessary?

Panic bars must be installed at retail stores, restaurants, hotels, theaters, shopping malls, any building that hosts substantial traffic and any enclosed space where an emergency exit is necessary. Panic bars can also be installed at homes if there are many occupants. Residential buildings housing condos and apartments across New York City have panic bars.

We Specialize in Panic Bar Installation

We are experts in panic bar installation. As simple as the mechanism may seem to be, panic bars are not that simple. The mechanism is quite complicated and more importantly, it must not fail. You cannot have panic bars jammed or locked and not being able to open the door when there is an emergency. You cannot compromise the security of the exit doors to have a panic bar either. One needs to find the right balance of security so no one gets to trespass or break in without much effort because there are panic bars and the push bars must work flawlessly when needed.

We supply all kinds of panic bars and also cater to panic bar installation, maintenance, repairs and replacement.