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Types of Garage Door

A garage door is an integral fixture of your home. It caters to an extremely important function of protecting your car. It also has a bearing on the security of your home or property as the garage often has an entrance to the home or there is a backdoor that leads to the yard or perhaps to the living room. The garage door also needs to be well insulated so it can contribute to energy conservation. A poorly insulated garage door or one that doesn’t have any insulation will increase your energy consumption.

There are many types of garage doors and we specialize in all of them. We specialize in supplying, installing, servicing, maintaining, repairing and replacing garage doors. We can also repair, replace and rekey locks on garage doors.

 Garage Door

Various Types of Garage Door

There are two ways you can classify the various types of garage doors, one is by the material it is made of and the other is by the way it operates or functions. There can be other classifications depending on the mechanism, whether it is manual or automated, and the level of security it has courtesy the locks and any kind of safety measures that you may have installed in or alongside your garage door.

In regards to function or method of operation, garage doors can swing up or out, roll up or move from one side to another. Hence, there are swing out garage door, swing up garage door, roll up garage door and sliding garage door.

Also, there are sectional garage doors which could be roll up or swing out, swing sideways or swing up. You could also have shutters or other variants with similar functions or method of operation. Consider the type of property you have, the car you own and what kind of garage door you would be most comfortable in handling. Also, you can consult us before you get a new garage door so we can assess your needs, understand your preference and then suggest the best type of garage door for your home.

Garage doors can be made of wood, steel, aluminum and now even vinyl or its variants are being used. You could opt for solid or engineered wood, plywood or different kinds of metallic and alloy doors.

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