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Transponder Keys

If you drive a car that has been manufactured after 1995, then you would have a transponder key. Cars built till 1995 don’t have transponder keys, unless those cars have been modified or upgraded. Whether you own a new car or a used car, having a transponder key is quintessential today.

Transponder Keys

What are Transponder Keys?

Transponder is a coinage of transmitter and responder. In effect, a transponder key is a communicator that sends and receives signals from the immobilizer in an automobile. To give you a more lucid idea, every car has an engine control unit and this system has an immobilizer. The immobilizer is an electronic security device that facilitates ignition if the right key or transponder key is being used. Else, the car will not start. The concept of immobilizer was developed to prevent motor vehicle thefts facilitated by hot wiring. Modern cars cannot be hotwired due to this reason.

A transponder key looks like a normal key with a certain design to work as the door key. It also acts as the ignition key. When you insert the transponder key into the ignition chamber, it fits perfectly but that is not what starts the engine. The engine control unit containing the immobilizer sends a signal to the key and the chip in the transponder keys responds with the same signal. If this same signal is not communicated to and fro, then the car would not start. If the same signal is responded to by the transponder key, then the immobilizer will be deactivated or disarmed and you can start your car.


Advantages of Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are not just keys but keys with chips. Hence, you are combining analog and digital technology. A simple key having the pattern or exact design of your car key cannot start your car if it is missing the chip. Thus, your car cannot be stolen by anyone who just has the right shaped key. One also needs the chip. The biggest advantage of transponder keys is safety.

Our Expertise in Transponder Keys

We specialize in cutting and programming transponder keys of all brands of automobiles and models. We can cut and program transponder keys right onsite so if you have been locked out or if you have lost your keys on the road or in the middle of now, or even at your home, then we can get you in the car and away right then and there.