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Rekey Cylinders and Locks

There are times when you would need to rekey locks at your home or office. As one of the most trusted locksmiths in New York City, we always recommend rekeying instead of replacing the locks. Let us first talk about rekeying and then we would shed light on why you should rekey locks or rekey cylinder instead of replacing locks.

Rekey Cylinders and Locks

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is a process of changing the tumbler or the wafer configuration of a lock so that the key you have right now is no longer compatible with the lock and instead the new key would match the wafer configuration or tumbler of the lock.

How does it work?

Every lock and key would be configured to work in tandem. A key works only when it is a perfect match for the lock. There are of course inferior quality locks that are easier to unlock but they don’t find any acceptance today. At a time when high security locks are becoming extremely common, the key and the lock have to be an exact match. Even the slightest change to the key or the lock’s internal form and configuration will make either or both incompatible. The process to rekey locks is quite simple. The cylinders could be replaced. The exact configuration may be tweaked just a little so that the old keys become redundant. Once you rekey locks, you can only open it and close it with the new key. The old key will not work anymore.

Why & When should you Rekey Locks?

There are many scenarios when you have to rekey locks. You may have lost the keys. Don’t get new keys made because the lost or misplaced keys may fall into the wrong hands. If you have shared your keys with contractors, guests, friends, neighbors or many people, then you should want to rekey cylinders or change the locks so that all those people don’t continue to have access to your home or office. You can opt for replacement of locks or you can rekey locks.

The investment to rekey locks is much less than replacing the locks. It is a pragmatic alternative which is just as good as getting new locks. Whether your roommate has moved out or you are moving into a new home, whether you have lost your keys or just want to change the locks, rekey locks and you can be safer.

We can rekey locks on the spot whenever you need us to.