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What Is High Security Lock?

Whether it is a home or office, any property or premise in New York City should have high security lock. Any manufacturer or locksmith can claim to be a specialist in high security locks and one can easily advertise a particular lock as a high security lock. But you have to pick those that truly qualify as high security locks.

We specialize in manufacturing high security locks. We also supply and install high security locks across New York City. Before we talk about why you should consider such locks, let us shed some light on what a high security lock actually is.

High Security Locks

Genuine High Security Locks

A standard lock offers a basic level of protection. A high security lock offers increased resistance to any attempt that can compromise the integrity, function or the form of the lock. High security locks come with security ratings. The security ratings are allotted after meticulous and widespread testing & analysis. High security locks are subjected to assessments by locksmiths, manufacturers, security researchers and experts to analyze the level of added protection or resistance to compromise. From design to the kind of materials being used, the keying technology and how failsafe it is when subjected to numerous kinds of threats, a high security lock has to endure and prove its mettle before it can be called so.

Typically, high security locks have restrictive keyways. If you take a standard lock and a key that is not an exact match, you would be able to slide in or insert the key if it is smaller than the keyhole. With high security locks, you wouldn’t be able to do this. Only the key that is an exact match will fit in properly and be able to make any maneuvers while inside the lock. Keys of high security locks are very difficult to duplicate or rekey. They are so time consuming to make and requires such a level of expertise that the only ones who are capable of making such keys are among the high credible locksmiths and manufacturers operating in New York City.

High security locks can withstand external impacts or thrusts for a much greater time so it is extremely arduous to pick. It is not that high security locks would never be broken or cannot be cracked. But the time and effort needed makes the whole process painstaking and not worthwhile for people with nefarious intentions.

Significance of High Security Locks

Let us put this simply. If you have a standard lock, you are encouraging burglars or thieves. When you have a high security lock, you would immediately detract them.